Top 3 Reasons We Need to Brush Our Teeth

Brushing your teeth is a habit that should be learned early in childhood. Parents teach the right and wrong way to do it, come up with clever ways to count seconds or minutes, and try to get through a hundred questions about the cleaning of chompers. But one question that most people can’t answer correctly is “why do we need to brush our teeth?”. Here are the top 3 reasons we need to brush our teeth.

Removing Food

The food we eat and beverages we drink leave behind a variety of things on our teeth. Almost all foods are destructive, but in different ways. It could be the acid from an orange or the sugar from candy. Soda’s carbonation and sugar are double trouble. The particles left behind after eating can cause damage to the enamel that protects each tooth. This makes them weak and susceptible to cavities.

Food can also cause gingivitis. This is the first phase of gum disease.  Healthy teeth contribute to the health of your gums, tongue, and even the general health of your entire body.

Removing Plaque

Plaque is a smooth film that grows on teeth. It is the starting point for dental tartar which leads to discoloration and further plaque buildup. Brushing teeth at least twice a day helps remove plaque from the tooth surface. By preventing any significant quantity of plaque from depositing on the teeth, you are helping to prevent gum disease, gingivitis, and tartar.

Fresh and Clean

Ever kissed someone with bad breath? Not pleasant! The plaque and bacteria that grow on teeth contribute to bad breath. In fact, most dental problems such as gingivitis also cause bad breath and yellow teeth. Poor dental health can make someone less presentable which can impact personal relationships, jobs, and how others perceive you.

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