Restorative Dentistry: What Is It?

Ever look in the mirror and ask yourself why your smile isn’t how you truly want it? Or even how your dentist wants it? At Spring Hills Family Dentistry we provide restorative dentistry for our patients. So, what is restorative dentistry you may be wondering? There are some common procedures such as dental crowns, bridgework, esthetic fillings, air abrasion and micro dentistry, and cosmetic dentures just to name a few.

Who should get restorative dentistry?

Restorative dentistry are procedures for patients that suffer from common oral health problems and require specific care. They are designed to look and feel natural with the benefit of improving one’s appearance. Restorative procedures are based on diagnosis of conditions that affect the teeth, gums, jaw, and perhaps the overall face.

What can I expect during my restorative procedure?

For the common types of restorative procedures, you will find that many are ones you may have already had or heard of before. These include dental crowns, which are used to cover damaged, cracked, or chipped teeth. They are cemented to the entire tooth and will fully cover the tooth to the gum line. For bridgework, a custom piece is used to anchor a natural-looking replacement tooth to the teeth on either side of the gap. High quality materials are used to make sure that your bridgework functions properly once placed. When a tooth needs less repair, and a filling will do, the go-to procedure will be an esthetic filling. With esthetic fillings the exact placing of composites to the tooth allows for the tooth to regain a look as closely as possible to its original strength. Esthetic fillings have replaced the amalgam filings of the past, which dentists believe may have weakened teeth rather than repair them. For small cavities, air abrasion and micro dentistry can be used. During these procedures a fine powder is used with air pressure to blast out cavities. This allows for the avoidance of using tools such as needles, drills, and anesthetics. Once the cavities are removed the area can then be filled with white fillings. Lastly on our list of common procedures is cosmetic dentures.  Dentures can be used to replace a few missing teeth to replacing all teeth. When only a few teeth need to be replaced a partial denture is used. Dentures enable the wearer to chew and bite properly as well as help with the structural appearance of the jaw line.

Is restorative dentistry right for me?

During your dental exam your dentist will note any concerns or issues and restorative dentistry may be suggested as one of the solutions to repair, replace or enhance your teeth. The type of restorative procedure that is needed can vary from person to person, the best way to determine what is right for you is to discuss your options with your dentist. For more information and to schedule an appointment contact us and we will be happy to take the journey with you to better feeling and looking teeth.

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