Use Your Dental Benefits

As the end of the year approaches have you thought about your dental benefits lately? If not now is the time to do so. Most benefits end in December and once they have ended you can no longer use them as they do not roll over into the new year. Not sure what to do, here are some tips for making the most of your benefits.

The Basics of Dental Benefits

Dental benefits are an upfront premium that is paid for future services. If you do not use those benefits during your benefits year, you will lose all remaining benefits. Many dental insurance plans have an end date of December 31st, and those unused benefits will not roll over int the new year. However, make sure to check your plan documents to verify your plan end date.

Use Your Benefits to Your Advantage

As deductibles reset each year, think about when you’ll reach your deductible amount and use this to your advantage. Speak with your dentist regarding any needs or procedures you are in need of and plan accordingly during your coverage period. Pay attention to your annual maximums as well. Once your maximums are reached you are responsible for the remaining expenses. Careful planning of services can allow you to begin procedures during one coverage period, while scheduling the ending procedures during the next coverage period.

Maximize Return on your Premiums

One of the best ways to make the most of your premiums is to take advantage of preventative care services such as cleanings, checkups, and x-rays as these services are usually 100% covered.

Contact your insurance carrier to determine if there is a waiting period for coverage approvals and to determine when your annual maximum will be reached before scheduling any major procedures.

Find a dentist that you are comfortable with, is in your insurance network and is conveniently located near you.

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We work with multiple insurance carriers to ensure you receive the treatment you need. Contact us to learn more about using your coverage to the best of your advantage.

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